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Other References

File PDF document Nursery Management 2012 Plant Health Guide.
Comprehensive reference of common and trade names of insecticides, fungicides and herbicides, their class and mode of action, REI, where they can be used and company that owns them. From Nursery Management magazine.
File PDF document Griffin Greenhouses. 2007. Optimum pesticide performance directions using phase5.
Great chart/table that shows the optimum pH of spray solution for various insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides. Yates, R and V Brubaker Griffin Greenhouse and Nursery Supplies.
File PDF document Wainwright-Evans, S. 2007. Facts about miticides.
An excerpt from the Buglady's article in Nursery Management.
File PDF document Buss 2012 Pros and cons mixing chemcials.
Buss E. Relevant article to define and discuss the factors affecting tank mixing chemicals. FLORIDA PEST PRO:27-28 (2012). University of Florida-IFAS.
File PDF document Cloyd 2012 PesticideMixtures
File PDF document Neonicotinoids come under fire. 2012. News from Nursery Management
A nursery production perspective about the use of these compounds and their affect on non-target insects.
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