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Extension Publications

File Hale. 1999. Descision making handbook for insect and mite pests of ornamental plants.
Comprehensive publication about scouting insects and mites, suing traps, various chemicals, and calculating growing degree days. Agricultural Extension Service. The University of Tennessee PB 1623
File Chappell et al. 2012. Top 10 nursery IPM practices in SEUSA.
A quick, collaborative effort from U. Georgia and other universities on several IPM practices.
File Baker et al. 2004. Crop profile for ornamental plants in NC.
Crop profiles provide an overview of the industry and the general insect, plant disease, and weed pests that are challenges. Chemicals are also listed to manage these pests.
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This project received support from the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services as part of the Specialty Crops Block Grant Program.

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