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Other References

File PDF document Florida Grades and Standards Fifth Ed. 2015
Excellent reference for determining quality of trees, palms, shrubs, conifers, and wetlands mitigation plants. Florida passed these standards through their legislation in 1955 and this is the 5th edition of the manual. Find it here:
File PDF document Rideout and Hensey 2010 Best management practices for climate friendly nurseries v. 1.1.
This BMP manual views the nursery through a perspective to reduce energy, resource inputs and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions while achieving greater economic efficiency and profitability. W Rideout and A Hensey. Oregon Association of Nurseries Oregon Environmental Council. Recommendations for Capturing Reductions in Energy and Resource Consumption, Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Operational Costs. Oregon Association of Nurseries, Oregon Environmental Council, Oregon State University, Ecos Consulting.
File PDF document Haver 2007 BMPs: A water quality field guide for nurseries.
A visionary reference that designs the nursery based on keeping water on the property, free of sediment and as clean as possible. Covers pesticide storage, bed layout, and methods to stabilize noncropped areas. D Haver 2007. Cooperative Extension, Orange County Agriculture & Natural Resources University of California.
File PDF document Nursery Industry Water Management Best Management Practice Guidelines for Australia.
Over the last 20 years the Australian nursery and garden industry, in partnership with Horticulture Australia Limited, has invested in research to deliver practical outcomes in the areas of improved irrigation practices, more efficient water use, water recycling and disinfestation technology, as well as funding training and extension to deliver this information to industry. This publication aims to incorporate all the available information into a set of Best Practice Guidelines. This project was funded by the Australian nursery industry levy with support from the Australian Government through Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL). Copyright 2010 Nursery & Garden Industry Australia E-mail:
File PDF document Owen and White (eds.). Production practices for an environmentally friendly nursery industry.
A targeted approach to design and test solutions to the major challenges affecting nursery production in the areas of environment, irrigation, substrate, and nutrients. Many researchers and extension faculty contributed across the southeast United States. Environmental Resource Management Research Group, Floriculture and Nursery Research Initiative, United State Departmental Agriculture Agricultural Research Service, Horticulture Research Institute.
File PDF document Landis et al 1990. Container tree nursery manual Vol II. Containers and growing media. Ch 1 Containers: Types and Functions
A forestry perspective on containers sizes and how they affect growth and physical properties of media. TD Landis in TD LAndis, RW Tinus, SE McDonald, JP Barnett. The container tree nursery manual Volume II Agric. Handbk. 674, Wash., DC, USDA, Forest Service:1-39.
File PDF document Landis et al 1990. The container tree nursery manual Vol. II Containers and Growing Media. Ch. 2 Growing Media.
A comprehensive treatise on using media in containers for growing with a forestry nursery perspective. TD Landis in TD LAndis, RW Tinus, SE McDonald, JP Barnett. The container tree nursery manual Volume II Agric. Handbk. 674, Wash., DC, USDA, Forest Service:41-85.
File PDF document Haver 2013 Sediment management goals and management practices for nursery and floriclutre 2013 8124
Management Goals (MGs) and Management Practices (MPs) for reducing soil erosion at its source and capturing sediment before it enters waterways, where it can cause water quality impairments downstream. Another excellent reference from Calif extension service and Darren Haver.
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