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File PDF document Owen J 2010 Bareroot shade, flowering and fruit trees fertilizer guide
Recent reference from Oregon addressing nutrition of field grown nursery crops. Bareroot Shade, Flowering, and Fruit Trees (Willamette Valley) J. Owen, D. Sullivan, D. Horneck, and J. Hart. EM 9013-E Oregon State University.
File PDF document Mullen et al 2007 Soil acidity and liming for agronomic production
Straight forward discussion of using lime and its affect on soil. Applicable to field grown nursery crops. R Mullen, E Lentz, and M Watson. AGF-505-07 The Ohio State University. visit for more information and publications.
File PDF document Schulte 2004 Soil and applied iron.
Also discusses foliar iron application, forms and activity in soil. Schulte E.E. Wisconsin county Extension RA3554 Many other publications available from the links within the article.
File PDF document Patriquin D 2002. Organic soil management: holism and the nitrogen cycle.
Brief description of how nursery growers might be able to become N neutral by using cover crops in production. Also discusses the nitrogen cycle. Ecofarm & Garden. 12-15.
File PDF document Patriquin 2003 Water soil and organic matter.
Quick lesson in soil physical property basics and the interaction of various factors. D Patriquin Eco-farm and Garden Summer 2003.
File PDF document Ehsani and Sullivan. 2002 Soil electrical conductivity (EC) sensors to measure EC in field soils.
Highlights a few methods to estimate EC field soils and presents the advantages and disadvantages. R Ehsani and MSullivan 2002 AEX-565-02. The Ohio State University Extension.
File PDF document Soil sampling for home gardens and small acreages
Brief reference on how to take soil samples across a number of growing platforms. (2003) Oregon State University Extension Service EC 628.
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