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Other References

File PDF document Fulcher et al. 2016. Are we learning from the past? Nursery Management.
Predicts water use, quantity and quality for nursery production in the next 10 years. Published in Nursery Management 2016. Written by Fulcher, Lebude, Owen, White and Beeson.
File PDF document Myszewski et al. 2005. A comparison of groundwater laws and regulations from southeastern [U.S.] states.
Easily grasps the complexity of laws across the southeast US and highlights permitting in some states. Myszewski, M., D.R. Christy, and J.E. Kundell. Carl Vinson Institute of Government U. Georgia (2005).
File Troff document NC Drought Bill (2008)
Current information about the state of drought in North Carolina, as well as how provisions from the 2008 NC Drought Bill (SL 2008-143) are being implemented by NCDENR's Division of Water Resources. Go to
File PDF document NC General Statutes for use of Reclaimed Water
Provides the primary uses and guidelines for RCW use in NC, If legalese is your game, the language in this document will surely keep you interested. Otherwise read some of the other references about reclaimed water use,
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