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Pruning Extension Pubs

File PDF document Powell. 1998. Pruning for landscape managers.
Fairly comprehensive publication for commercial landscape managers. AG 071
File PDF document Fitzgerald and Ries 1997. Selection planting and care of new trees.
Oregon State University extension document about managing new trees in the landscape. Can be found at:
File PDF document Wade and Midcap 2007. Pruning ornamental plants in the landscape.
University of Georgia Extension addresses tree management in the landscape. Find it at:
File PDF document Rakow and Weir III. 2005. Pruning: An illustrated guide to pruning ornamental trees and shrubs.
Beautiful treatment of pruning various trees, shrubs, vines, roses, and espaliered plants. Contains a glossary, pictures and demonstrations.
File PDF document McQuilkan. 1950. Effects of some growth regulators and dressings on the healing of tree wounds.
Great story about the US military testing various wound dressings on tree pruning scars. After their multitude of treatments on multitude of scars, it's safe to say nothing is required to apply to a tree wound if it is pruned correctly. Just fertilize reguarly after pruning and the scar heals in 12-24 months depending on size.
File PDF document Gilman, E.F. and Black, R.J. 2005. Pruning landscape trees and shrubs.
Excellent reference from leaders in the urban forest tree management. Many other references available at Dr. Gilman's site. Circular 853 (MG087),
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