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New Life Plastics

Excerpt from an e-mail from the company. Pots need to be “shaken” out and stacked. There are typically only a few types of plastic used for these pots. Polystyrene, High Density Polyethylene and sometimes Polypropylene. It is helpful if they keep these types sorted and we need large volumes. It is freight prohibitive for us to send a tractor trailer out to only pick up one skid of the pots. Nest pots about 4’ high, with multiple stacks, on a wooden skid, and stretch wrap them. When they get twenty or so skids, call us. Our minimum pick-up is 7,000lbs if it’s in NC, and we can’t pick up 2,000 in one place and 3,000 in another. Try to outreach with other nurseries in the area to obtain as many pots as possible, or deliver them to us.

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Recycling options for agricultural plastics

The attached document lists businesses that take plastic film, pots or both and supplies the contact information for each person at the firm. It can also be obtained from

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This project received support from the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services as part of the Specialty Crops Block Grant Program.

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