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Other References

File PDF document Griffinf Greenhouses 2010 Pesticide and biological control agent (BCA) compatibilty
Extremely useful reference that accumulated information about the effect of pesticides on bio control agents (BCA). From Griffin Greenhouse and Nursery Supplies.
File text/texmacs Wainwright-Evans, S. 2007. Understanding the reality vs. myths regarding biological control costs.
The Buglady argues about changing perceptions about using biocontrol agents in the nursery industry. Visit here website at
File PDF document D A Demers 2009 Using bio-control as part of an IPM program.
Dr. Dominque-Andre Demers of Biopest Canada, Inc., provides a great strategy for using bio control agents in greenhouses and provides specific examples of pest-bio control complexes for some pests. A power point as pdf but not annotated.
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