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Pest Identification - Extension publications

File PDF document Potter and Potter 2008 Insect borers of trees and shrubs.
Discusses damage caused by both clearwing and beetle borers to various hosts, ways to prevent infestation, and how to control insects. Potter, D.A. and MF Potter. University Kentucky, College of Agriculture, Extension Service. ENT-43.
File PDF document Suomia. 2006. Scale insects on ornamentals.
Wonderful reference for identification, life stage, and control of the major scales affecting ornamental plants. Suomia, D. Washington State University, College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences EB1552E.
File PDF document Gill et al. 2003. Controlling a Major Nursery Pest Black Vine Weevil, Otiorhynchus sulcatus (Fabricius)
Excelllent treatment of a common and destructive nursery pest. Gill S, P Shrewsbury, R Reeser Technician, Central Maryland Research and Education Center, University of Maryland Cooperative Extension Fact Sheet 805.
File PDF document Parsons, G. 2008. Emerald Ash Borer: A guide to identification and comparison to similar species
Tremendous photos, descriptions, and guidelines to identify many buprestids and compare them to emerald ash borer. GL Parsons, Department of Entomology, Michigan State University November 2008.
File PDF document Childs 2008. How to recognize Asian longhorned beetle.
Vivid pictures, great descriptions of both the insect and the symptoms on the tree. Also discusses how to report a finding. RD Childs: UMass Extension Landscape, Nursery and Urban Forestry Program.
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