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Pest Identification - Other References

File PDF document Anderson et al. Common White Grubs Of Northeast Ohio Nurseries
Detailed treatment of specific points to identification of these important pests. Excellent pictures. Anderson, BA, MG Klein, ME Reding, JJ Moyseenko. The Horticultural Insects Laboratory USDA – ARS, Wooster, OH.
File PDF document Cranshaw. Management of Wood Boring insects
Cranshaw, W. Powerpoint as pdf that covers a wide range of borers, both clearwing and beetle, and the damage done. Identifiers are presented, some forms of control, and scouting and monitoring techniques. Colorado State University.
File PDF document Gill, R.J. 1988 Soft Scales of California. Technical Series 01
An exhaustive reference on the subject with color photos, taxonomic keys and descriptions. Raymond J. Gill, Associate Insect Biosystematist, California Department of Food and Agriculture, Sacramento, California, USA.
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