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File PDF document A&L Laboratories complete fee schedule 2009 (current as of 2012)
An private lab that measures many quality standards for nursery production. Pesticides, herbicides, metals, pathogens, general water quality (mineral nutrient concentrations, etc.) and soil samples.
File PDF document NCDA &CS plant tissue sample form
Use this to send in a foliar sample for testing. Visit for more information.
File PDF document NCDA&CS plant tissue analysis guide
New update to explain everything about taking a sample correctly to understanding how to use the information for many Ag crops and major ornamental crops.
File PDF document NCDA&CS How to sample tissue
A simple brochure to learn how to take foliage samples.
File PDF document Bi and Scagel 2007 Nitrogen foliar feeding has advantages.
Discusses nitrogen needs of plants throughout the year and how to provide for them by foliar feeding. G Bi and C Scagel Nursery Management & Production Mar:43-46 (2007).
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This project received support from the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services as part of the Specialty Crops Block Grant Program.

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