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Extension Publications

File PDF document Sherman, R. 1999. Large scale composting.
Comprehensive guide to design, layout, scientific underpinning of composting, feedstock and its carbon nitrogen ratio, permitting, and testing. Rhonda Sherman, Extension Waste Management Specialist NORTH CAROLINA COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SERVICE AG-593
File PDF document Sherman-Huntoon, R. 2000. Community backyard composting programs.
Getting started on a small scale to reuse community waste products. Rhonda Sherman-Huntoon, Extension Solid Waste Specialist AG-599.
File PDF document Bass et al 1992. Compost: A guide to managing organic yard wastes.
Start composting in your back yard with this primer for the task. Bass, L, TE Bilderback, and MA Powell. 1992. AG-467
File PDF document Klock-Moore et al. 2000. Container production for ornamental horticulture crops
Trade magazine article about guidelines/standards for using composts as substrates. Klock-Moore, KA, GE Fitzpatrick, G Zinati. Biocycle pp. 58-60.
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This project received support from the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services as part of the Specialty Crops Block Grant Program.

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