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Other References

File PDF document Jackson BE 2009 Back to the grind.
A great overview of the properties, effects on growth, and challenges to using a wood-based substrate on ornamental crops. Pine tree based substrates encourages prolific root growth in container plants. Jackson BE NMPRo 28-34.
File PDF document Jackson 2009. A suitable substrate alternative.
A great history, description and vision of the use of wood-based substrates in the nursery industry. Summarizes many studies using the substrate to grow woody ornamentals. Jackson B American Nurseryman pp. 28-33 (Sept 2009).
File PDF document Bilderback et al 2007. Non-organic amendments can extend media life.
Inorganic components include perlite, pumice, coarse sand, industrial clays, concrete block particles and plastics like those contained in municipal garbage. TE Bilderback, JS Owen Jr., SL Warren and JP Albano. NMPRO • Nursery Management & Production pp. 37-42.
File PDF document Bilderback TE. Fluff, stuff and any other components added to substrate.
Dr Bilderback summarizes over a decade of research and investigation into using various components as amendments to pine based substrates and discusses measuring the physical properties to see if they can be used for growing ornamental plants. A semi-annotated powerpoint as pdf.
File PDF document Bilderback and Warren Get Physical with Fluff(R). Effects of amending pine bark with garbage.
Highlights research from NC State with municipal solid waste.
File PDF document Yao 2010. Whole Tree substrate.
Update article of a nursery using Whole Tree as a substrate. Agriculture Research Service August 2010. pp.28-29.
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