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Other References

File PDF document Oki and White 2012 Constructed Wetlands.
Learn how to remediate pesticides from recycled water and runoff. Two leaders in constructed wetlands highlight the benefits of using the concept on nurseries. 2012. pp. 24-28.
File PDF document Bracmort et al. 2004. Estimating the long-term benefits and costs of BMPs in an agricultural watershed.
A cost-benefit analysis was performed on a large watershed management project that installed hundreds of BMPs in the mid-1970s. Water quality improvement for sediment and total phosphorus reduction due to BMP implementation was estimated using off-site benefit estimates, fertilizer nutrient costs and water quality trading values. A great practical paper to introduce cost benefit analysis for BMPs. This is a critical issue in the water management. Bracmort, KS, JG Lee , BA Engel, JR Frankenberger. Paper No: 042174 An ASAE Meeting Presentation.
File PDF document Doll et al. Stream restoration: a natural channel design handbook.
Excellent reference on the topic for North Carolina. Provides great review of practices, pictures, efficacy data, and examples.
File PDF document Streambank Soil Bioengineering.
Another excellent reference about plant material, decreasing erosion, and stabilizing stream banks. Combined with the stream restoration reference, these references provide a great primer on the subject. Excerpt from the national engineering handbook. Chapter 11 Tech Supp 141.
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