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Technical Publications

File PDF document Bush et al. 2003. Fluctuations of phytophthora and pythium spp. in components of a recycling irrigation system.
Reports on pathogens found in container effluent and irrigation ponds. Bush, E.A., C. Hong, and EL. Stromberg. Fluctuations of Phytophthora and Pythium spp. in Components of a Recycling Irrigation System. Plant Disease / Vol. 87 No. 12.
File PDF document Hong, C.X. et al. 2003. Efficacy of chlorine on multiple species of Phytophthora in recycled nursery irrigation water.
Some of the original work from Virginia Tech on pathogens in irrigation water and protocols for managing them. Revolutionized the way people approach irrigation water and think of quality. Hong, C.X., P.A. Richardson, P. Kong, and E.A. Bush. Efficacy of Chlorine on Multiple Species of Phytophthora in Recycled Nursery Irrigation Water. Plant Disease / October 2003, 1183-1189.
File PDF document Hong, C. and Moorman, G. 2005. Plant pathogens in irrigation water.
Makes a strong case that recaptured water is a primary source of pathogens in nursery production systems. Offers solutions and strategies to address the issue. Hong, C. X. and Moorman, G. W.(2005) 'Plant Pathogens in Irrigation Water: Challenges and Opportunities', Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences, 24: 3, 189 — 208
File PDF document Tjosvold, S.A. et al. 2005. Nursery guide for diseases caused by Phytophthora ramorum on ornamentals: diagnosis and management.
Univ. California extension provides comprehensive reference for dealing with P. ramorum. Visit for more information.
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