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Cover Crops Extension Pubs

File PDF document Bilderback. From the ground up: field soil considerations.
Annotated power point as pdf document that covers field production specifically.
File PDF document Bilderback. Conservation and nutrient management practices for field production of nursery stock.
Dr. Ted Bilderback discusses nutrient management planning and offers best management strategies to conserve resources.
File PDF document Bilderback and Bir. Building nursery soils.
Dr. Ted Bilderback and Dick Bir teach you how to improve soil for field production.
File PDF document Rasnake, Dunwell & Reston. 1998. Winter cover crops for Kentucky gardens and fields.
Good resource From Kentucky Cooperative Extension for small scale agriculture using winter cover crops. Find more at
File PDF document Halcomb. 2010 Summer cover crops for nursery row middles.
Excellent advice from one of the premiere authorities on field production of ornamentals at U. Tenn. Extension Service.
File PDF document Halcomb. 2002. Clover alternatives for nursery middles.
Another piece of sage advice from Mark Halcomb at UT Extension. He offers practical advice about certain cover crops and outlines the strategies for choosing them for row middles.
File PDF document Badlwin & Creamer 2006. Cover crops for organic farms.
Combines research with on-farm application to produce a definitive resource on the topic from NCCES and Center for Environmental Farming Systems.
File PDF document Lee et al. 2011. Success with cover crops.
An electronic bulletin from U. Georgia (EB 102 2), which is an annotated power point as .pdf document, that covers everything in cover crops from establishment to killing, and nitrogen requirements and contributions.
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